Perfect surfaces

with variothermal process
Don't settle for less when it comes to the quality and finish of your plastic parts. With our variotherm units, you can take your injection molding to a whole new level.

Perfect Surfaces with Variothermal Molding Process

Variothermal molding, also known as "variothermal processing," is a specialized injection molding process that involves dynamically controlling the temperature of the mold during the manufacturing of plastic parts. Unlike traditional injection molding, where the mold is maintained at a constant temperature throughout the entire cycle, variothermal molding allows for temperature variations within the mold at different stages of the process. The mold is initially heated to a specific temperature (generally a little higher than the glass transition temperature of polymer) before the injection of molten plastic resin. This can improve flow and reduce viscosity for better part filling. After injection, the mold temperature is lowered to facilitate solidification and part ejection.

  • Elimination of weld lines
  • Piano black, piano white, piano silver, piano redsurfaces
  • Better mechanical characteristics
  • No thermal quality defects (sink marks, warpage…)
  • Better optical properties