Cool results

with conformal cooling
Imagine a world where your molds follow the part's geometry, ensuring uniform surface temperatures, slashing cycle times, and delivering impeccable part quality. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to elevated performance.

Mold Cooling Excellence

coolingAt Brightworks we represent the German company CONTURA who is Specialist in conformal cooling. Conformal cooling is an innovative mold cooling way where the cooling channels closely follows the plastic part contour. This ensures the optimum thermal economy in the injection molding tool.

Due to a much more uniform cavity wall temperature, typical quality problems such as shrinkage, warping diminish. At the same time, faster cooling (up to 60 % less cooling time) translates into significantly lower cycle times and reduced piece costs.

Conformal cooling is able to overcome the limitations of conventional cooling. With our conformal cooling technology we are able reduce the cycle time as an average of %30 beside improving the surface quality, reducing the internal stress, eliminating the thermal related molding defects and achieving a better dimensional stability.

The 3-dimensional structure of cooling channels is achieved by building the core of a tool in several slices (between 2 and 5 depending on size and shape of tool). Cooling channels are then milled into those slices. The slices are fused by means of a high temperature vacuum brazing process. The latter is the only manufacturing step usually carried out by Contura MTC. The entire rest of the manufacturing process is performed by tool makers.

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