Pure resin

pristine results
Discover the transformational power of Aeroremover, your key to unlocking the purest resin potential. Installed in your resin raw material transfer line, it effortlessly banishes resin powder, ensuring your products are as pristine as they deserve to be.

Cleanse, Elevate, Innovate: Aeropower Hopper, Where Contaminants Take a Hike!

Less powder, better quality!

Just by inserting it into the existing line, powder attached to the pellets is efficiently removed during conveyance. Easy to clean the filter, disassemble and clean without tools. With its own airflow control, it has a maximum 150% slowing performance compared to conventional products.

Ideal for preventing molding defects caused by resin powder.

Prevents bubbling, white spots, burns, black spots and weight variations when using molding with high-powder content resin or crushed recycled material.

In-line Powder Remover. Installed in the resin raw material transfer line to remove resin powder. Ensures more stable plasticizing during molding, and prevents molding defects

caused by incomplete melting or carbonization.

• Proprietary airflow control provides up to 150% powder removal performance compared to conventional devices (results from in-house testing)

• Easy to install - simply plumb into the transfer line (between hoses)

• Tool-free maintenance with easy disassembly

• Can be used in other company transfer lines (contact us separately for details)