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banish contaminants with our magic
The ultimate solution to your contamination worries! Our cutting-edge technology breathes new life into plastic materials by swiftly and effectively removing dust and contaminants.

Cleanse, Elevate, Innovate: Aeropower Hopper, Where Contaminants Take a Hike!

Do you have a problem with material powder?

Aero Power Hopper APH is a collection unit removes dust and blends using airflow power in a single unit. The charge amount is changeable according to molding machines.

While transporting the material, it is possible to mix the virgin material and the regrind material and remove unnecessary powder.

Aeropower hopper (APH) is for molding machine direct mounting only. It is designed on the basis of 1 by 1 use of 1 blower. Mainly for medium and small molding machines. Please select the necessary model according to the one-shot weight and cycle time of the molding machine.

Aeropower Hopper has variations.
In addition to the sight glass type, there is also a charge hopper type.

1.High powder Miscibility
Built-in suspension type Flap damper with anti-clogging measures enhances powder collection Miscibility.

2.No power required
Utilizing conveyance power for blending. No additional power needed.

3.Stable blending ratio
No separation during conveying as blending is done on the molding machine.

4.Simple to clean
Simple structure makes cleaning easy.

5.No dust, no static charge
Since airflow is used, there is no material breakage or static electricity that occurs during mechanical mixing.