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With our strong molding know-how and simulation background, we offer you the best optimum molding solution from part design to process start-up.
Moldflow Simulation

Welcome to Brightworks Engineering, your trusted partner in molding simulation excellence. In collaboration with our sister company, MF Software TR, a renowned Autodesk Moldflow reseller, we bring you a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge services tailored to meet the unique demands of the molding industry.

At Brightworks Engineering, we understand the pivotal role that molding simulation plays in achieving optimal results across various facets of your business, including economy, quality, production efficiency, and maintenance. Our specialized consultancy services encompass a wide range of critical aspects, ensuring that you can make informed decisions and drive success in your molding processes.

Our Moldflow simulation service includes:

Gating Concept Decision: We help you determine the most suitable gating strategy for your specific project, ensuring efficient material flow and optimal results.

Gating Optimization: Through meticulous analysis and optimization, we fine-tune your gating systems to enhance performance and minimize defects.

Hot Runner vs. Cold Runner Comparisons: We provide in-depth comparisons to guide your choice between hot runner and cold runner systems, optimizing both production and cost-efficiency.

Shrinkage and Warpage Optimization: Our expertise allows us to mitigate issues related to shrinkage and warpage, ensuring the dimensional stability of your molded parts.

Cooling Channels Confirmity: We verify the effectiveness of your cooling channels, a crucial factor in maintaining consistent production quality.

Moldability of Plastic Part Design: Our simulations assess the moldability of your plastic part designs, identifying potential issues and recommending improvements.

Dimensional Accuracy: We prioritize precision, helping you achieve the highest standards of dimensional accuracy in your molded components.

Defining Cycle Time: Our simulations assist in defining optimal cycle times, streamlining production schedules, and maximizing output.

Injection Pressure and Clamping Force Requirements: We determine the precise injection pressure and clamping force needed for successful molding.

Filling Balance Check: Ensuring even filling is critical for quality. We assess and optimize filling balance to reduce defects.

Identifying the Process Window: Our simulations establish the ideal process window, providing a roadmap for consistent, high-quality production.

Brightworks Engineering is committed to being your partner in excellence. We leverage the power of advanced simulation technology and years of industry experience to empower your business. With our consultancy services, you can boost your competitive edge, minimize production costs, and deliver products of unparalleled quality.

Experience the difference that Moldflow simulation expertise can make for your business. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to enhance your molding processes and drive success.