Makes real savings
The first and only full hot runner for zinc die-casting. Die-casting hot runner for sprueless production. A New Opportunity for Die Casters and Designers!

Make Real Savings with Hot Runner Systems for Zinc Die Casting

A traditional runner has by design a single injection point and a feed system that the general die caster will be experienced in optimising to suit their process and minimising waste. However, the whole runner/ feed system is inefficient and causes huge energy losses, requiring secondary finishing operations and restricts space on the cavity plates.

Our solution is very easy to apply.

There are many competitive advantages to be gained from our technology here are five of the big ones:

  • Design Freedom - ever want to directly feed like they do in the plastics industry now you can!
  • Higher Shot Yield - increasing capacity multi drop systems now made possible!
  • Huge Energy Savings - runner, sprues and overspills either removed or scaled down hugely
  • Better Quality Parts - vast volume of air removed from system as no sprue and runners needed!
  • Faster Cycle Times - shorter fill times, quicker cooling, material constantly ready at the gate!
Our solution is very easy to apply.

How it works

Zinc Casting Hot Runner Systems
1. Initial piston stroke fills gooseneck and nozzle body
Zinc Casting Hot Runner Systems
2. Piston continues to fill manifold and nozzles up to gate.
Zinc Casting Hot Runner Systems
3. Piston stroke velocity increases when melt front reaches gate, filling the cavity
Zinc Casting Hot Runner Systems
4. Parts cool and eject as melt is held at nozzle tip, ready for the next injection cycle.

Ferrofacta Hot Runner in Action