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Anyone who has already tried to eat a plate of peas with Japanese chopsticks knows what we are talking about. It is the attempt to get a grip on a putative simple process by means of simple tools.

As a Manufacturer of systems for the quality assurance in injection molding we know the requirements of our customers pretty well. Therefore, we know precisely that not everything can be solved as easy as it looks.

It is therefore our aim to help our customers to achieve this goal efficiently in a hands-on, user-friendly way.

For this purpose we use systems which monitor and control the process as simple and intelligent as possible.


Cavity Temperature Sensors

Cavity Temperature Sensors E


Cavity Pressure Sensors

Cavity Pressure Sensors E




Fillcontrol Module 3There is never only a single issue with injcetion molding. Therefore there is never only one solution.

FILLCONTROL consists of different system components which are - depending on the application - used for documenting, monitoring and controlling of the injection molding process depending on the application.

This is always based on real process data measured in the mold. Because good parts are not made with the machine, but only inside the mold. The moment that the melt front passes over a sensor, it is automatically detected by the system. With this information we can determine material viscosity, open and close valve gates, and sequentially control the mold so that flash is prevented.



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