Squencial Injection Controllers - SISE

Squencial Injection Controllers - SISE


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                Squencial injection or Valve Gate injection is developed to eliminate welding lines, gas traps, unbalanced flows which may occur because of conventional injection.

Squencial injection is ,as shown in below skecths, a system which enables to inject melt from different points at different times and durations. Especially for big parts such as bumpers, dashboards valve gate system is a must to be used in order to eliminate quality problems.

SISE, who has a history of 40 years on Control systems, pioneered valve gate controllers in global base and today there are more than 600 units are running around the world.

                    Conventional Injection                                            Squencial Injectionimage147image149


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Squencial Injection Controllers


* IS'BASIC Valve Gate Controllers        

* IS'TECH Sequential injection cabinets



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