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     At the forefront of Production Monitoring since 1980, S.I.S.E. has developed 4 generations of products for Production Managers or Company Administrators. More than 150 installations are in operation today worldwide, adding up to more than 3500 machines under control.

     The latest generation of CYCLADES is a tool for Workshop Supervision in real time, running under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. The current version allows supervision of every division of the production shop, with control of automatic and semi-automatic workstations, and even fully manual workstations (such as assembly, etc). S.I.S.E. has created an evolutive range of terminals T16, T20, T34G) and can monitor from simplest to the most sophisticated facilities (graphic screen at the foot of the machine, parts and / or SPC machine, etc.). Continually evolving, Cyclades operates today under SQL Server and offers radio link terminals (option) to minimize the use of cables in your facility.

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