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              MuCell® Technology is a different than Conventional plastic injection and molding system which has homogenized distributed micro cells inside part, reduces the part weight up to %20, eliminate the sink marks due to pressured micro cells inside and reduce the warpage dramatically. Also packing and holding process of Plastic injection process are not necessary anymore due to pressure inside and It's also possible use smaller clamp forces to produce same size part. So end of the day it's possible to produce low weight, without sink mark and warp with lower cycle time and clamp force which means great cost saving for a plastic part.


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Air Conditioning Control Panel Frame -
Material GF ABS
• No Sink mark anymore
• Wall thickness - Rib ratio 1:1
• Clamp force 250 to 75 tonne
• %23 cycle time saving
• %10 weight saving


Cam Cover - Material PA6.6 GF35
• No Sink mark anymore
• No warpage
• • %23 cycle time saving
• %10 weight saving


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Lid plate - Material Filled ASA
• Better Surface Quality
• No Sink mark and weldline
• %18 cycle time saving
• %30 weight saving
Margarine Container - Material PP
• With freedom of design larger seal lips
• With %15 lower injection pressure allowing to use narrower label
• %50 Clamp force saving
• %6 Weight saving


For Detailed Information: http://www.trexel.com/en/

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