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For more than 25 years, MO-DI-TEC has developed and manufactured granulators for the plastics industry. Innovation and manufacturing quality are the basis of oulor know-how and enable us to recommend adapted solutions for your applications.

A pioneer in the industry today, we are the low speed (25 rpm) grinding specialist.

The low speed enables you to grind tough thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PA (FV), PC, PBT, POM… with less wear, very quiet operations, very little dust and a small footprint.

Many of our customers are plastic processors and transformers from automotive, computer, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.







Goliath Plus                                      

 GOLIATH Plus vertical gearmotor    GOLIATH Plus horizontal gearmotor    GOLIATH Plus MASHER
 GOLIATH Plus vertical gearmotor   GOLIATH Plus horizontal gearmotor    GOLIATH Plus MASHER
  GOLIATH Plus with auger feed     GOLIATH TWIN Plus  
   GOLIATH Plus with auger feed    GOLIATH TWIN Plus  



TITAN Plus - TITAN TWIN Plus         


titan plus

The TITAN Plus granulators benefit from MO-DI-TEC’s slow speed technology and ability to recycle larger plastic pieces such as automotive components.

The TITAN Plus granulators are more particularly adapted for recycling new material with fibreglass, mineral additive etc…

The Masher system is available on the TITAN Plus range as an option and is include as standard on the TITAN TWIN Plus.

The last innovation patented of MO-DI-TEC , IMD system is also available as an option on the TITAN Plus range.



  pdf brochure                Titan Plus 5 cutting chamber          Cutting chamber TITAN TWIN Plus 10

 Titan Plus 5 cutting chamber

  Cutting chamber TITAN TWIN Plus 10


Mini Goliath                                      


mini goliath

The Mini Goliath is the most compact low speed grinder.

This granulator has been designed for recycling of very small sprues (1 mm diameter up to 6 mm) including glass fiber material.

The cutting chamber is composed with 1 to 4 reversible cutters, 2 to 5 rollers of 70 mm diameter. i.e 134 x 113mm or 134 x 176mm or 134 x 300mm cutting chamber.





pdf brochure



Cutting chamber Mini1 Cutting chamber Mini2 Cutting chamber Mini4
  Cutting chamber Mini 1 Cutting chamber Mini 2 Cutting chamber Mini 4






bmAvailable in 370 and 1000 rpm, they are specially designed for recycling plastic sprues and other reject parts in the field of injection, blow moulding, extrusion, and thermoforming. The technical design with bearing and dust guard guarantees you important reliability.

The rotor blades and fixed blades granulate and reduce to granules all plastic materials with efficiency thanks to an optimum cutting angle significantly reduce cutting power and hollow rotor.
The blades are easily dismantled and can be sharpened several times. Those granulators have a screen of 6 mm diameter in standard.









BM 170      BM 340     BM with auger 
BM 170   BM 340   BM with auger


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