Hot Runner Systems – Mastip

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Hot Runner Systems – Mastip

    With its 30 years experience Mastip is a pioneer of the global plastics hot runner industry which today has an estimated worth of $2.6 billion dollars annually and is trusted to deliver and support solutions for customers globally in over 40 countries. Mastip thermally optimised hot runners and components enable our customers worldwide to deliver to their customers the highest quality plastic components and products to consumers for the lowest cost in segments ranging from medical, electrical and appliances through to electronics and automotive. With our technical team we are ready to offer you the best solution to your application with 3D data of the system in a few minutes.



Hot Runner Nozzles

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Best fitted solutions to your applications either standard or special nozzles.. for more info...

Valve Gates

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High Sensitive Single & Multi Valve Gate Technology


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Standard Manifold Systems, High Cavity Manifold Systems & Custom Layout Manifold Systems

Hot Halves 

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Completely from one source, plug-ready wired and tested…  for more info...

Special Systems

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Multi-Material Moulds, Stack Moulds, Technical Moulding, etc... for more info...

Filling Analysis

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Assisting you to achieve optimal filling performance with our professional team... for more info...




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Configure and download your own HR System in a few minutes as
2D & 3D CAD...
for more info...

› Nozzle Expansion Calculator

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Smart tool to calculate the expansion for trouble-free manufacturing...

› Sorun Giderme Rehberi

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Common problems in hot runner technology and troubleshooting

› Hot Runner Assembly Guide

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Hot runner assembly procedure and important points...

› Hot Runner Selection Guide

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A guidance for correct nozzle selection...

› Mold Design Guide

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Mold design guidance...


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