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Conformal Cooling - Contura Gmbh



The cost performance of an injection tool depends strongly on the quality of the heat exchange between the injected melt and the tool surface. Beside economic concerns, part quality is also critical for productivity improvement. To achieve both, that is good part quality at reduced cycle time; optimal temperature distribution at the tool surface is a must. 
    As it is clear from the above chart the proportion of time taken for cooling is unproductive. Therefore, any reduction of cooling time increases productivity directly. With conventionally designed cooling layouts, the full potential of modern injection units is not fully utilized. This results in longer cycle times and higher production costs. The CONTURA system is able to overcome the limitations of conventional mold cooling. Using CONTURA we achive cycle time reduction of approximately %30, allowing significant reductions of production costs. While heat exchange efficiency determines cooling time, temperature distribution on tool surface influence critical quality factors such as:
                                           * Part Surface Appearance
                                           * Shrinkage
                                           * Internal Stress
                                           * Anisotropy of semi-cyristalline materials
                                           * Dimensional Stability


As a general rule in CONTURA applications %50 in cooling time, %30 in total cycle time reduction is possible.



Sample Applications ——————

image095%40 Cycle time improvement, for details please click
image098%33 Cycle time improvement, for details please click




Sample Inserts ——————————

image111      image112

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